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Don't let the sunset catch you...

Here I am again, folks. Only two snippets of news, though, so don't get your hopes up.

First, I created a feed for my cousin Genevieve's Antarctica blog, called icewishes, in case anyone's interested. I'm so proud of her! I wish I could get down there to see her, but I'd need skids on my wheelchair.

Second, Texas has okayed a Constitutional Amendment effectively banning same-sex and plural marriages. It was a surprise to no one, and I voted against it, but what am I against the sea of red that is this state? It's one of those subjects that doesn't directly affect me personally, except for the fact that I'm an ordained minister (muahahaha, take that, Falwell!) and would gladly marry anyone who asks, but one that I feel strongly about. Today, discrimination against the gays, tomorrow, against the atheists? It's just another bit of evidence of, "We believe in freedom, as long as you do as we say." Freedom of religion, my ass. The majority of Americans who call themselves Christian would be more than happy if everyone in the world was a Christian, and they don't seem to mind very much when the powers of our government are used to promote that idea.

Screw you, fundies, you can kiss this atheist's ass. I'll march to DC before I'll let you destroy the Establishment clause. Any thoughts, my friends? I know at least some of you might have a personal stake in this.
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