rogerdr (rogerdr) wrote,

Photos! You know you love `em.

Since I'm going to turn 36 this month, I figured I should do something speshuhl, so I hooked up my new scanner and upchuckedloaded some old pics. I've got a digital camera now, so these are oldies in more ways than one. The Old Roger folder is my youth spent here, there, and all over. The Transitions folder is the 4yrs more or less surrounding when I got shot. Cowtown is for future reference, where the lionshare of my photos will go once I scan `em all.

Love me, worship me, just don't stalk me. I've got enough problems. ;)

And while I'm at it, Jesus ain't finished whipping your heathen asses! He's back, with his buddies Buddha and Krishna, so watch out! Get`em all at the Jesus Christ Superstore.
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