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Captain Chaos strikes!

Merry whatever, people. I've been on LJ for nearly a year now, and it has surpassed my wildest expectations for finding new and interesting persons to read about or talk to; so, in light of the coming materialist-er, gift-giving holiday season, I have gone against all my steadfast tennets of cynicism and given some of you the gift of six months of paid accounthood. I could have given you all more individually fitting gifts, but I'm lazy too. ;)

For becauseilive, to show my respect for one whose words are of a depth to which I aspire.

For cranaspen, because you feel things I have so often felt; yet never have the guts to say.

For j03j03, because you paid me the respect of listening to my rantings IRL and because you've led me into discussions and communities I wouldn't otherwise have known existed.

For jswissmisspriss, because you're young, ambitious, and have all the right to say fuck whenever you want!

For larksambience, because your struggles are too familiar and you make me want to be soft more often.

For sacredpsycho, because... well... for a million reasons; but tonight because I'd rather give you a big hug, but you're too damn far away. And for the unmitigated joy I have knowing you're still out there somewhere.

As for the rest of you, I'm sorry, but I only have so much money. If you bear with me, I'll try to post more often with more worthwhile things to say. Until then, hail all and blessed be!
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