rogerdr (rogerdr) wrote,

For mbt

Looking for Merytaten's name in hieroglyphics got me interested in the paint palette found between the Anubis' legs. Here I found a site in which you can zoom into the real thing to your heart's content; to use it you must have Flash or Shockwave installed.

This was a bit of serendipity for me, as both an obvious token of the love between Tut and his sisters (there was also apparently found in his tomb a similar palette from Maketaten), and as a direct link with the daughters themselves. Whether a gift to Tut in his childhood or a memento that he kept after her death, it shows by its obvious use that one or both of them must have stained their fingers with that very paint. It is mentioned in many websites that paint strokes were found on the walls and floors of the daughters' quarters in Akhetaten; maybe someday we can find some of their own handiwork!
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