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Sleepless in Cowtown

In a break from my mostly latenight lifestyle, I stayed awake today well beyond the sunrise; and just when I was getting ready to hit the sack, a little birdy sang to me, so I'm no longer sleepy. As this is a rare occurance, unless my cable modem goes offline again, I'll take this as an opportunity to write a rare post. By now you who are on my friend-of list will have noticed (or rather not noticed) that I'm not the kind of person to throw out my everyday thoughts. After my first week in LJ expounding my history and views on life, I pretty much figured I'd leave the 'journalling' part of the journal to you guys and give out my opinions as the situation meritted; and you haven't let me down. A couple of times I've even had to make the painful choice of dropping someone from the ranks in order to keep my friends page to a manageable level, but take heart (Jillian), it wasn't out of disinterest. I'm more of a reader than a writer still; yet what I read is mostly history, math, and scifi, and what writing I do is mostly in The Book. Today, though, I feel like carrying some of the weight around here; pardon me if it gets too huggy or preachy. You can always scan down.

Please don't get discouraged if your grades aren't quite what you'd hoped or your job is a rollercoaster of rewards and punishment or if your choices don't measure up to the standards of those around you. All of you are cool by my standards, or you wouldn't be reading this. School is for learning and sometimes what you learn isn't easy to hear, because sometimes you learn that what you've kept as your most closely held beliefs are simply wrong. But school doesn't last forever; don't forget that it's just the means, not the end. For those of you who're already out in the 'real world', unless you're ambitious enough or lucky enough get to do what you love, jobs are just for making the money that enables you to get there. But you're not a slave; don't forget that your job is part of your life, not the other way around.

Above all, remember that your life belongs to you, not your professor, nor your boss, nor your parents, your pastors, or even your friends. And certainly not to me. You are who you say you are, not what we would like to believe. You become who you want to be, not what anyone says you should. Your body belongs to you; its imperfections do not make you imperfect, its needs do not make you a beggar, and its desires do not make you a whore. Your mind is yours also; let it fly as free as you can stand and don't measure your IQ by someone else's tests. If your faith moves in such directions, let your spirit also fly free; don't chain it to a temple of cold stone, cage it in a golden tower, or hide it in a crystal cave. A temple brings people together, but God doesn't live there, if He lives anywhere it's inside you. Sometimes you may think that the modern world is built of gold, but it only shines when you pour forth your own light. Your spirit is the most precious part of you; it's what gives your smile power and your tears meaning. As long as you allow yourself to feel pain without guilt or shame, I swear you won't feel alone for long. As long as you allow yourself to be yourself, those who are with you will be there because they love you. And when you are alone, don't forget that we've all been alone. This, too, shall pass.

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