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Straight from the icemaker!

Just kidding. Actually, the look on my face is from concentrating on getting the shot right; the only place I could find in the house to get a good spot for the camera was on a Dr. Pepper box on the kitchen counter (such are the little challenges of my particular sitch). I could have just held it up like most people but I was also testing the camera's timing feature. Even after some tweaking in IrfanView it's slightly out of focus but, hey, I only got the thing two days ago. ;)

Frosty the Hepcat

So that's me (I know y'all were itching to see me :Þ). I went out thursday night to meet j03j03 and we had a great time gabbing. It's a pleasure to meet someone with whom you have a quick feeling of comfort. We talked practically incessantly for four hours, hitting upon topics mostly in the upper echelons of philosophical esoterica; but I think it was a good start. I think we both share a view that life is a great journey replete with many curves and branchs well worth the effort. I had wanted to get a lot of shots in the `hood with my new camera that night but couldn't tear myself away from our conv for much more than going back to the bar; there will be plenty of opportunities for pictures later.

Considering how much I drank and smoked (I haven't been out much this winter and tend to binge when I do), I'm surprised I didn't wake up yesterday with a sore throat and a hangover; but I feel great. I even got in some quality time with a couple of my other friends after hours. Altogether a satisfying evening. Tonight I stayed in and tried my meager skills at taking the above pic, transfering it to the desktop `puter, and FTPing it to my webspace. Now for the real test-I hope this works.


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