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The Spirit is willing but the flash is weak

I didn't think up that bad pun, I stole it. Sue me. Besides getting back to my offline responsibilities and breaking away from the unending spiritual struggles in LJ (apparently most of us arguing the last few days aren't really that far apart in our opinions but don't have our true oppressors handy to rip into), I've been keeping tabs on two other personal interests; the Mars rovers and an archaeological dig in Luxor, Egypt. Both are going fine, although the rover Spirit is proving to be as stubborn as any computer should be (hehe) and the Mut digs are soon to end for the year.

It's good to know that however my own life may be moving by fits and starts humanity's search for knowledge rushes forward unabated. Today, in fact, I was watching the morning update on NASAtv and got to see the latest pics from Mars being downloaded at JPL in realtime. For a nerd like me that was quite a hoot and illustrates how open the scientific community at NASA is as opposed to many other parts of our govt. In less than 30min the photos were up on the net for anyone to use as they wish; if only Congress and the current Administration were so forthcoming with their backroom decisionmaking, CSPAN notwithstanding, the public might not distrust them so much.

Anyhoo, that's all I can think of tonight except that I've got a new digital camera coming in the mail so you might soon get to see who you've all been pining away for this last month. :^P

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