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Dear Journal: Today, that fine guy at the gast station finally filled my tank...
(*GASP*) ACTUAL JOURNAL: Congratulations! Your LJ
is written by you, FOR you. You think it's all
fine and dandy to share your thoughts with your
friends, but you don't put on any kind of show
or glory parade just because your friends read
it. You're one awesome banana.

What's the purpose behind your LiveJournal? (with pictures!)
brought to you by Quizilla

What do you know? It's the Raj doing another quizilla.

Yes, I do pretty much every one I see and *cough* am even flattered by some of the answers I get; but I still realize that they are hopelessly generalized, if not completely inaccurate. They're little personality tests after all, with tongue firmly planted in cheek; but no such tests, however many questions are given or 'answers' offered, can tell me any more about myself than I can find by serious introspection and the reactions to my personality by those around me. So why do I take them? Well, I think this one in particular brings this question to the fore.

In other words, why am I writing this LJ and by what criteria do I choose what I'm going to put into it (and perhaps delete later)? I am in part doing it for myself as a way to find out who I am; I'm also doing it to in a way justify lurking around in your own journals. Surprised? I think there's a whole other part of me that's into this out of the earnest need to make personal connections, although most of the time the rest of me doesn't put much store in how honest these connections would be on either side. So you might take this post as another try at digging into myself to find my motivations, an exposition for your benefit to give myself credence in this wacky world of selfabsorbtion, yet at the same time a more or less genuine attempt at giving you a peek at my interior so that hopefully you'll find me a worthwhile subject for familiar interest. Are all these reasons compatible? Certainly there's bound to be more that I could dredge up if I wanted to devote the whole night to the subject, but I'm getting bored with myself; so I think I'll go sneak around to see what you're all up to instead. :Þ

Postscript-now that I've put up a quizilla that I probably won't be deleting, I may as well also add a random quoted nonsequitor.

"Who do you have to blow to get some pussy around here?" KJS



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